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Online Resources
As we strive to keep up with modern technology, the Religious Education Media Center is happy to announce that Online Resources are now available through our online catalog. On top of the Main page for the Media Center we have added two new categories, Online Resources and Online Resource Themes. To locate an alphabetical list of the 750 plus Online Resources, just click on Online Resources tab at the top of our Media Page. This simple click will take you to Online Resource Results where you may again choose to see a list of OA, OC, OL, OR, OT, OV or All. An alphabetical list of online resource titles will appear. A single click on any title will bring forth the details of that title. For example: Under OV - Number 2 title is: Advent in Two Minutes. Clicking on the title will take you to “More Detail” which provides a description, a Media ID Type, Length; Grade List, and URL. By double clicking on the URL number you will be taken to the proper link of this particular title. On the top of the Media Page is also an Online Resource Themes for locating items with specific themes such as Christmas, Easter, Prayer, etc.

Online Resources can be divided into six types. OA (Online Activities) provides online activities and games such as word search, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, virtual tours, saints’ plays, specific lesson plans and much more.
  • OC (Online Catechetical Presentations) are activities and presentations for catechists in a variety of areas and grade levels. These give teachers hundreds of new ideas for the classroom. Some examples are Power Points and other topics such as Bible Covenants by St. Mary Press which includes reproducible worksheets and videos.
  • OL (Online Links) provides link access for catechists and parish ministers to free workshops, training, articles, lessons, craft ideas and print information, videos on a wide spectrum of topics such as child development, doctrine, scripture, sacraments, prayer, methods and so much more. These are more teacher oriented to further teacher understanding.
  • OR (Online Resources/References) offers dozens of links from companies that provide information. Gospel reflections, seasonal resources, terms, definitions, symbols, and ways to live a more spiritual life. These can be used for both teachers’ and students’ growth.
  • OT (Online Tools) provides several links for teachers to make such items as a word search, a variety of different shaped word clouds, the world of personalized sticky notes, and assisting students to create electronic storybooks. These Tools are much more labor intensive and time consuming but could be very valuable.
  • OV (Online Videos) provides a multitude of videos with hundreds of topics and themes including scripture, Church, Jesus, Mary, Saints, Sacraments, Commandments, the Beatitudes, Trinity, Liturgy, Doctrine, and Seasonal items. The videos vary in length and grade level.
To determine the type of each item, the code OA, OC, OL, OR, OT, or OV is shown after the 5 digit code number such as 80204.OV indicates that Advent in Two Minutes is an online video. Online Resources provide a wealth of materials at your fingertips. The schools and parishes of our diocese are indeed fortunate to now have Online Resources available. There is no shipping and no waiting. Finally, if you come across an Online Resource that could be of value to others, please send this information to the Media Center via larrys@scdiocese.org

New Online Resources. Videos from ODB Films.

Part of the Religious Education Media Center’s responsibility as host and curator of our Online Resources is to make available a variety of quality films. While most are free, some may be part of a company like ODB Films (used to be Outside da Box Productions) that requests you to sign up as a “Partner” and use some of their films at a cost of 10 credits or $1.00 per film. Many of their films are free.

ODB Films is a Catholic ministry that fosters an encounter with Christ through artfully made, spiritually rich films. They can be found on the internet with an email address of info@odbfilms.com or phone at 866-456-6936. They are most helpful.

Please note that all of the almost 50 VCAT Volumes 1-4 films are FREE. When one of our users clicks on the address link that is part of the dozens of singles films designated as “(by ODB Films)” , the Address Link will take you directly to ODB Films where you will be invited to become a “Partner” and given 100 free credits to download or watch films. 30-second film previews are free. Again, most of these films are FREE.

While most of these films are free, films may be downloaded or watched at 10 credits or $1.00 per film. Once signed up, you need only click on “Partner Login” and remember your E-mail address and Password. You will be told when you click on a film if there is a charge or if it is free. Please remember: YOU will be billed for your usage and will be responsible for payment.

These titles from ODB Films are listed under the following OV themes: ODB Films; VCAT (video catechism) series for Teens; VCAT Volume 1 - Creed; VCAT Volume 2 - Sacraments; VCAT Volume 3 - Morality; and VCAT Volume 4 - Prayer.

The following titles are also now available in DVD format from our Media Center.

VCAT Volume 1 - Creed: 13 Amazing Short Films - DV 62323
VCAT Volume 2 - Sacraments: 12 Amazing Short Films - DV 62324
VCAT Volume 3 - Morality: 25 Amazing Short Films - DV 62325
VCAT Volume 4 - Prayer: 10 Amazing Short Films DV 62326
Outside da Box Award Winning Films - DV 62327
Outside da Box Video Collection 2011: 17 Amazing Short Films! - DV 62328
Outside da Box Video Collection 2012: 10 Amazing Short Films! - DV 62329

This service is made possible to our parishes and schools through the generous support of the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Thank you.

Featured Titles

Experiencing the Holy Spirit (CD)
CD 52238 to CD 52241

This program, presented by Rev. George T. Montague, S.M.,S.Th.D. consists of 12 25-minute lectures on 4 CDs. This special lecture course will introduce you to the Spirit anew. Join Fr. Montague for a walk through scripture in which you will encounter rich Old Testament images and New Testament teachings on the Spirit. See how the Gospel of Mark anchors the Spirit in JesusÂ’ baptism. Explore the central role the Spirit plays in Luke and Acts. Along the way, learn more fully the true meaning of Pentecost and understand the early Trinitarian formula as set forth by Matthew.

The Rosary: Narrated by Bishop R. Walker Nickless
CD 51366

On this audio CD Bishop Nickless leads the Glorious Mysteries, Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries and Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.

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