A tiny village lies within the valley, dwarfed by snow covered peaks, feeding on the illusion that it is the world - that there is nothing beyond the rim of the mountains. Old One seems to represent most persons in the village who believe that there is nothing beyond the Rim and denies the coming of a stranger bearing an unremembered gift a long time past. His wife, however, seems to believe in the stranger and that he has some connection with the village's main holiday, The Day of Gifts. Varin, responsible for ringing the bell to signal the approach of the holiday, has been missing and apparently climbed to the rim. Varin returns and tells of a journey beyond the Rim to another valley where he met and talked to a shepherd. The shepherd confirmed that there was a stranger who had come to all men everywhere. The gift of the stranger was "that we could know, the Great One. Know Him! Not just look to him, as far away from us as the mountain peaks..." Not all believe (faith) in Varin's story. This is a parable for many uses.
Media ID: 11229
Length: 27 Min.
Publisher: EcuFilm
Level: JH, SH, A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult