Only the finest will be accepted." cheers the candy maker as he mixes and stirs his latest creation. "Only the finest for the king." And as he walks into the snowy night, August is certain that he has made the perfect Christmas present for the royal family. But an accidental encounter in front of the Cathedral teaches August that the only truly perfect Christmas present is the gift of Jesus. August learns a lesson in love and humility as his candy cane becomes a popular Christmas reminder for people throughout the world. Children of all ages will enjoy the symbolism of the candy cane in this tasty tale of Christmas discovery. The witness of the Candy Cane."
Media ID: 12380
Length: 30 Min.
Publisher: Videos With Values
Level: P, I

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult