In this third talk Fr. Richard Rohr says that true self can be sent anywhere and it will bear fruit. The egocentric mind, the mind of the false self will always calculate, while the contemplative mind doesnít see it in terms of advantage but simply sees it in terms of relationdhip to the one who sent me. I am who I am who I am in God. ìThere is a deep contentment about it - that now is already enough. Everything is right here, right now. There is nothing outside you that can make you happy - itís got to be grounded in who you already are now in God. Some saints called it grace of the present moment or the sacrament of the present moment.. A healthy spirituality teaches you how to taste the now - to live in the now. You can tell when people donít get it. Their identity is always outside themselves. Inherent dissatisfaction. Rohr states: ìThere is a deep contentment about it - that now is already enough.î Healthy spirituality teaches you how to taste now and to live the now. Rohr sums up saying God is looking for images, images that he can place here and there so we can look at certain human being and see what it means to be transformed into God - to be usable. You allow yourself as Jesus; the son of man did, to be used; to become an instrument of the nature of God.
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Length: 60 Min.
Publisher: National Association Of Diaconate Directors
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