The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his Wednesday general audiences from March 2007 through a good part of the year 2008, undertook the journey of presenting the Church Fathers. It was a steady and profound catechesis in the full sense of the word, recounting the story of the Church through the lives of men who were important personalities during the first centuries of Christianity. Each time, attention was given to highlighting the originality, and at the same time the modern relevance, of each Church Father - some of whom are unknown to most people - so that he could instead become accessible to everyone. This book, by Marco Pappalardo, has been conceived with the same idea: aiming to present with great simplicity the thoughts and meditations of some of the Church Fathers regarding the key seasons of the liturgical year. The Father's writings are in fact among the most important traditional documents, in terms of the richness of their content on multiple levels: spiritual, moral, dogmatic, and ascetic. 158 pages.
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