Disc A: 1. Taste of Heaven by Tom Booth USA 2. Lumiere du monde (International) by Robert Lebel Canada 3. Daughter of God by Sarah Hart, Nellie Cruz, Jessucan Alles- Smith USA 4. LĂ­Iiverso E Qua by Marco Brusati Italy 5. Song of the Cross by Susan Hookong-Taylor, Ana Tereza Da Costa Canada 6. Tibhirine by Daniel Facerias France 7. Malo, Malo by Jesse Manibusan USA 8. Nada Es Imposible para Ti by Hermana Glenda Spain Chile 9. Me Maria/As Lovely as the Dawn by Kim Long, Rufino Zaragoza Vietnam/USA 10. Chisuma Ukwenda Nayesu by Imyimbo Shampashi Zambia/Poland 11. Share It With the World by Critical Mass Canada 12. Cantare by Juan Francisco Troia, EnREDadoa Latin America/Spain 13. Go, Make a Difference by Steve Angrisano, Tom Tomaszek USA 14. On a Mission/En Mission by Julie Lafontaine, Bernie Cossentino Canada 15. My Dear Young Friands by Tony Melendez, Mitch Keirsrey USA Disc B: 1. Light of the World (English by Robert Lebel Canada 2. Jesus Christ, Your Are My Life by Marco Frisina Itlaly 3. On That Holy Mountain by Joe Mattingly USA 4. Lumiere du monde (French) by Robert Lebel Canada 5. Jubliate Deo by Marco Frisina Italy Missa Lumen Christi World Youth Day 2002 Mass 6. Kyrie by Tara Shannon Canada 7. Gloria Acclamation by Greg Magirescu Canada 8. Gospel Accalmation by Greg girescu Canada 9. Santus by Paul-Andre Durocher Canada 10. Memorial Acclamation B/II by Paul-Andre Durocher Canada 11. Great Amen by Paul-Andre Durocher Canada 12. Agnus Dei by Guy Lebel Canada 13. Go Out and Tell by Bobby Fisher, Greg Lee USA 14. Lumiere du monde (Instrumental) by Robert Lebel Canada.
Media ID: 51025
Publisher: OCP Publications

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult