This set of two CDs were compiled by Robert W. Percy and Vivian Williams. CD One has ritual music, psalms, and acclamations that help children ssing the liturgy and includes the following songs: 1. Pslam 25: To You, O Lord (Jeanne Cotter) 3. Kyrie (Richard Proulx) 3. Gloria, Mass Of Light (David Haas) 4. Psalm 51: Be Merciful, O Lord (Jeanne Cotter 5. The Honduras Alleluia (Rob Glover) 6. Psalm 104: Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Leanne Cotter) 7. Lenten Acclamation (David Clark Isele) 8. Psalm 118: This Is The Day (Jeanne Cotter) 9. General Intercessions, Mass For John Carroll (Michael Jones) 10. Eucharistic Prayer For Children III (Sue Furlong) 11. Psalm 27: The Lord Isd My Light (Jeanne Cotter) 12. Agnus Dei, Holy Cross Mass (David Clarke Isele 13. Eucharistic Prayer For Children II (Marty Haugen) & Rob Glover) 14. I Will Praise Your Name (Jeanne Cotter). CD Two has hymns and songs that will inspire children to sing music they can grow into: 1. Come All You People (John L. Bell) 2. Holy Is Your Name (David Hass) 3. Canticle of Zachary (Ruth Duck) 4. On Holy Ground (Donna Pena) 5. Easter Alleluia (Marty Haugen) 6. Freedom Is Coming (Iona Community) 7. Behold, I Make All Things New (John L. Bell) 8. Spirit Friend (Rob Glover) 9. Come And Eat This Living Bread (Rob Glover) 10. Circle Round For Freedom (Linda Hirschhorn & Rob Glover) 11. Song Of The Body Of Christ (David Haas) 12. All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly (Sylvia G. Dunstan) 13. Blest Are They (David Haas) 14. Jesus, Remember Me (Jaques Berthier and the Taize Community) 15. Take, O Take Me As I Am (John L. Bell) 16. Glory And Gratitude And Praise (John L. Bell) 17. We Are Walking In The Light (James Moore, Jr.) 18. I Say, ìYesî, My Lord (Donna Pena) 19. Lord, You Give The Great Commission (Jeffery Rowthorn).
Media ID: 51042
Publisher: GIA Publications

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult