Title: NCEA CONFERENCE - 2007 - CD 2 OF 6: TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2007 NCEA
The National Catholic Educational Association Conference of 2007 was held in Baltimore Maryland. This disk includes: Opening Session - Very Rev. Pietro Sambi Opening Liturgy - Cardinal Keeler Formation Models - Alice I. Hession Leading Change! How at Your School - Merylann J. Schuttoffel Give Them A Yearning! - Dr. Elinor Ford Great Success Stories in Development - Br. William Dygert; Mary Ann Nilan; Barbara Shrode Everyone's Called to God's Table, Even Those Who Can't Sit still in Their Seats - Madonna Wojtaszek-Healy Implementing Guidance and Counseling Curriculum in a Catholic Elementary School - Ms. Debra L.Ponec Recent Case Law that Affects Catholic Board and Council Members - Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy Effective Marketing: Tips from an Outstanding Board - Dr. James Brennan How Regionalization Was the Path to Continued Excellent and Financially Viable - Donna McVeigh; Doris Turner The Sacrament of Confirmation: What It Is, and What It's Not - Rev. Paul Turner Emerging Trends in Catholic Youth Ministry: The Pain and the Promise - Robert J. McCarty Measuring Mission Effectiveness: What Proof Do You Have? - Timothy J. Cook; Dorothy Ostrowski Elementary School Choice Among Catholic Parents - Mark M. Gray Build Bethlehem Everywhere - Greg McNally; Margaret Shea-Lawrence Reframing the Role of Principal as Servant Leader Within the Catholic School - Br. Raymond J. Vercuysse The Prophet Margin: Making Your School A Dangerous Place To Be - John J. Findlater Creating Inclusive Classrooms - Michael Termini It's a T.E.A.M. "Thang"...You Must Understand! - Emily M. Paul; Camille Treaudo Gay and Lesbian Students: Essential; Fairness and Legal Responsibilities - Sarah Watson Move Over, Harry Potter: Implementing A House System - Paul DeZarn Creating A Safe Environment for Children: Lewgal Issues - Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy Institutional Advancement: A Comprehensive Approach to Accomplish Strategic Objective - Michael Littell; Dr. Perry Sabngalli Current Topics in the Sponsorship of Schools for Religious Congregations - Br. Lawrence Harvey; Alice I. Hession Seven Reopened Inner-City Schools: Serving a New Generation of Neighborhood Children - A SPICE Program - Mary C. McDonald Best Practices: Catechesis in Human Sexuality - Ken Doran Stir into Flame: Communication abnd the Religious Imagination - Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski Planned Giving When You Already Do Everything Else - Virginias D. Howard Leading and Learning in the Digital Age: Help for Busy Leaders in Articulating the Steps Each School Must Take to Ensure Student Achievement - Lorraine Ozar What Urban Schools Can Do to Attract Capital Investments - Daniel McKinley Theological Reflection for Catholic Educators: From Assessment to Awareness - Donald R. McCrabb
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Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult