Title: RETREAT WITH THOMAS MERTON, A - DISC 2 OF 2 (Includes Cd 52017 to CD 52018)
Disc 2 of 2 includes Topic 4: Passion for Peace; Topic 5: The Letters of Thomas Merton; and Topic 6: The Vision of Louisville. Thomas Merton was perhaps the most prominent Catholic American spiritual writer of the 20th century. He has left us a profound treasure of deep spiritual insight and an inspiring example of contemplation in action. Through these 6 audio conferences, Donald Goergen, one of our most beloved professors, provides you a guided retreat to be enjoyed in your home or car. In addition to the 6 25-minute lectures on this 2 CD set, also included is a Written Guide on a CD-ROM (for computer use only). 75 min. .
Media ID: 52018
Length: 75 Min.
Publisher: Now You Know Media
Level: A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult