Title: SEVEN DEADLY SINS: UNMASKING THE GREAT LIE, THE - DISC 4 OF 9 (Includes CD 52307 to CD 52315)
This course, by Father Philip B. Bochanski, C.O., consists of 27 25-minute lectures on 9 CDs. This course will draw on the wisdom of the Desert Fathers as it has been interpreted and applied by the Church through the centuries, to gain a better understanding of how each deadly sin conflicts with God's plan of creation, redemption and sanctification. It all started with a warning and an apple. It all went downhill from there. Yet God's original plan remains valid. Unmasking the many and varied lies that the Enemy tells will enable us to fight temptation more effectively. Recognizing the wonderful truth of God's plan for us will give us direction and strength to take an active role in the spiritual battle. Disc 4 includes Topic 10: Creation as God's Gift; Topic 11: The Sin of Avarice; and Topic 12: Detachment and Love for the Poor. To access the study guide, insert the accompanying CD into your computer's CD ROM drive and open the PDF file contained within or you may download your electronic Study Guide: http://goo.gl/gCWA4 75 minutes
Media ID: 52310
Length: 75 Min.
Publisher: Now You Know Media
Level: A

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