Echoes of Faith Plus is a basic level video-assisted resource for the formation and enrichment of catechists in parishes and Catholic schools Echoes of Faith Plus is made up of a series of modules divided into three categories: The Catechist, Methodology and Theology. The main components of each module are a DVD, a companion booklet and a CD-ROM that feratures compressed files that offer a way to review the basic video content of the four segments on a computer.. The DVD includes a four-segment video process related to the module content plus two expert interviews. The Companion Booklet anchors the Echoes process. The CD-ROM features compressed files that offer a way to review the basic video content of the four segments. This module should take approximately four hours to process. This module explores the central themes and message of the Bible. It explains what the Bible is and why it is considered the holy book of the Christian communty. It introduces some foundational store=ies of the Bible and concludes qwith a reflection on Jesus Christ, who reveals to us the fullness of God's saving action. Each of the four segments in this module is divided into two parts, Here is an overview of the topics: 1. What is the Bible?: a) The Word of God and b) The Formation of the Scriptures. (23 min.) 2. Why is the Bible Holy?: a) Canon and Context and b) Biblical Inspiration. (19 min.) 3. What's in the Bible?: a) Exodus and Exiles and b) The Story of God's People. (24 min.) 4. Jesus : The Aplha and the Omega: a) Fulfillment of God's Promise and b) Proclaiming the Good News. (20 min.) Interview: Elizabeth Nagal (23 min.) Interview: Margaret Raplph (35 min.) The structure found in the six page booklet is Introduction, Presentation, Reflection and Application
Media ID: 61101
Length: 143 Min.
Publisher: Resources For Christian Living
Level: A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult