Francis and Clare of Assisi are two figures of the Middle Ages who went against all conventions of the times and whose way of life is still a challenge. With both beautifully suggestive photography that takes you to places frequented by Clare and Francis and original music with medieval melodies, their extraordinary tale is told. Francis Bernardone was born in Assisi in 1181. After serving in the army and suffering an illness, he abandoned his worldly life and devoted himself to prayer. His personal commitment to God was made on 1208. He soon gathered followers and in 1209 he named them "friars minor." In 1224 he received the stigmata (wounds of Christ) and died two years later. Clare of Assisi was a follower of Francis who, in 1212, gave up a life of wealth and position to live a life of poverty. In 1215 Francis named her abbess of the community of "Poor Clares"." She died in 1253.
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