Father Michael Himes offers a collection of interesting and provocative reflections on 10 major Catholic topics and invites us to consider them from a new perspective. Disc One: Trinity: The Trinity is not just one doctrine among many; we believe in everything in terms of the Trinity. Grace: When we look for God's loving presence in all things, we acknowledge that all creation is sacred. Incarnation: The Incarnation is the highest compliment ever paid to humanity. God has chosen to become like us and, in doing so, invites us to become fully human. Salvation: Salvation is the story of God's entering the world to reaffirm the first judgment: We are good. Disc 2: Church: The Church brings us together and, in coming together, we discover what it mean to love God. Baptism: Our being baptized is never finished until we have been fully and completely raised by Christ. Eucharist: The Eucharist both makes us who we are and reveals to us where we are going. Disc Three: Sacraments of Vocation: Matrimony and Holy Orders can each be a rich source of joy, a meaningful use of talents and a way to give oneself away to others. Reconciliation: Reconciliation is not about how wicked I am but a celebration of how good God is. Tradition: The only way we can truly live the faith is by developing it, passing it on, and allowing it to grow.
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