What Catholics Do What They Do (In Church) - Symbols and signs are essential to the Roman Catholic Liturgy and Ritual. Candles: what do they represent? How and when are they used and how do they affect us? Water: it can be a symbol of death as well as life and it is used in some of the Church's most important rituals. Gestures: how standing, kneeling, hand gestures, and even sitting down have specific purposes in the mass. Crosses: in addition to the symbol of Christianity which hangs in every church, we cross ourselves and make "the sign of the cross" at important moments in our rituals. These four segments are covered in a way that will help young people, catechumens and even life-long Catholics better understand the important reasons for these traditions and how they help us grow in faith. A study guide is included for discussion. Also available as video vc 2880. 28 min. Connecting With God: Ways To Pray -This program takes a closer look at what prayer can be by focusing on three ways that we can connect with God - through our bodies, through music, and through nature. Sr. Dorothy Ederer, O.P. shows us how body movement can help us express feelings about powerful events in our lives, and how we can use gestures to pray when we have no words. Fr. Brendan Moss, O.S.B. prays through listening to music and helps us to see how its rhythm and sound connect us to life and to God who is its author. Kathleen Chesto invites us to pray surrounded by the power and beauty of nature, letting it touch deep inside, reminding us that we are not alone, that God is with us in God's creation, as close as the air we breath. A study guide is included for discussion. Also available as video vc 2878 I, JH , SH, A 24 min.
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