Without relying on just one liturgical cycle, Father Michael Himes goes in-depth into the spirituality and theology of Advent and Christmas. This five-part series is on two discs and can be used in adult faith formation and small group discussion. Advent I: Hope In The Darkness (21 min.) Fr. Himes gives us profound insights to ponder in a "light" time of year. We live with the anxiety that we will someday come to an end. We look for God, the timeless one, to speak to us. Nothing on this earth ultimately satisfies us; we are restless. We wait and hope for God. As Christians, we are always in Advent. Advent II: The Second Coming Is NOW (26 min.) Father Himes talks about the Second Coming of Christ - a major theme in Advent and a popular topic in American culture. He tells us that the Kingdom of God is not predictable and constantly comes upon us in ordinary ways. Father Himes shows us that the Kingdom of God is among us now, reconciling all people with the living God. Advent III: Threatened By Grace (24 min.) Father Himes explores the Last Judgment by looking at what the "world" means in Scripture. Sometimes the world is seen as good, but in other passages, it is the enemy of God. He invites us to live in this tension and to see the world in transition. The Last Judgment means the transformation of the world, not its annihilation. Advent IV: Prophets: John Mary, Joseph (29 min.) Prophets live in expectation of something new: The Savior will be born which will change everything. With humor and wisdom, Father Himes looks at Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and three New Testament Advent figures - John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph - and shows how they inspire and challenge us today. Christmas: The Eternal Giving of God (25 min.) Father Himes looks at early Church controversies concerning Christ's divinity and humanity. He connects Christmas and Easter: God gives life where life could not possibly exist - a virgin womb and an empty tomb. He asks us to reinterpret the secularization of Christmas and explores what Christmas reveals about the Trinity.
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Length: 125 Min.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
Level: SH, A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult