Spirituality and theology are rich, varied and multidimensional. But what hold it all together? For Christians, what is "foundational"? What is the core of our blessed path to God? In this five session series Father Michael Himes explores the foundational building blocks of life in Christ. Disc One contains: MYSTERY - Himes draws on poetry, Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare to show that the only way we can speak of the deepest mystery - God - is in metaphor. Caught between our inability to speak and our need to say something, Himes shows us how to say something while still being led deeper into the Mystery of God. (25 min.) CONVERSION - Conversion is a lifelong process. It occurs through the nurturing of others, and through imitating others and ultimately imitating Christ. Himes speaks of the external and internal word of God. Others speak of external word to us and only the Holy Spirit speaks the internal word. Only when the two "line up" is another step taken in conversion, (25 min.) Disc Two contains: FAITH - Faith is trusting in God who possesses us, as opposed to a God we posses. This approach to faith changes everything because we become a "pilgrim" people" - a people led further and further into life and truth. (25 min.) HOPE - Himes sees hope as "Christian realism." It is a middle way between utopianism (a belief that we can do it all) and despair (the belief that we can do nothing). Himes draws on Dante, T.S. Elliot, Friedrich Schleiermacher and Goethe to illustrate his points. We are moved to embrace a broken world loved by God - as Jesus did. (25 min.) LOVE - Love is a choice - a choice for the good of the other. This choice demands wisdom and courage. Himes draws on the insights of Jesus, St. Paul, Thomas Aquinas and Martin Buber to show that love is the source and summit of all virtues. (25 min.)
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Length: 125 Min.
Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
Level: A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult