Title: OREMUS: A GUIDE TO CATHOLIC PRAYER - DISC 3 OF 3 (Includes DV 61961 - DV 61963)
The Oremus Study program, p-resented by Fr. Mark Toups, teaches you the essentials of an effective and fruitful prayer life. Over the course of eight weeks you will discover how God speaks to you, 3even in the smallest encounters. Following the Tradition of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of the saints, you will learn how to express yourself to God in prayer, and how to hear his voice. Groups will discover how Christ fulfilled the Law and set us free to live in the Spirit: learn what justification means; and learn how to live your faith by working in love. Groups will become aware of God's presence in their lives and discover the simple yet profound steps of Catholic prayer. Additional copies of materials can be purchased at Ascension Press: 1-800-376-0520 or at www.AscesnionPress.com Disc 3 includes: 6. Discernment In Prayer, 7. Dealing With Distraction; and 8. Desolation and Consolation. This program includes a set of 3 DVDs (eight, 30 minute sessions); 1 Student Workbook; and 1 Leader's Guide. Additional copies of materials such as the Student Workbook are available for purchase through Ascension Press at 1-800-376-0520. 90 minutes. r
Media ID: 61963
Length: 90 Min.
Publisher: Ascension Press
Level: A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult