Advent: Preparing For Christ, Cycle A is a four week Scripture Study program which includes one DVD featuring Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. and a Study Guide by Cindy Morales.The Lesson titles include: Lesson 1: "Wake up!" - The common theme of this week's three readings is "Get ready!" Isaiah envisions the Day of the Lord to be a Day of Judgment followed by a time of peace. St. Paul speaks of salvation which is near and urges his readers to wake from sleep. In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus speaks about the End Times and describes people more concerned about simple daily tasks rather than the most important thing of all: eternal life. ; Lesson 2: The King and His Kingdom. - This week continues the theme of "Get ready!" Each reading gives us a picture of what that new day is going to look like. In Isaiah, we learn about the King who will reign in the new day and his kingdom. St. Paul provides some practical advice on our role in the Kingdom and in the Gospel of Matthew, John the Baptist announces the Kingdom, which he calls the Kingdom of Heaven. Lesson 3: "Rejoice in the Lord!" - The third Sunday of Advent is called "Gaudete Sunday"; a time to Rejoice in the Lord. The penitential mood of Advent begins to shift to one of joy and expectation. This week's readings emphasize that the "Day of the Lord" is imminent, indeed, it is here. For Christians, this is truly Good News. Lesson 4: The Incarnate Word. - In the final week of Advent we are finally introduced to the Messiah Savior of Isaiah - Immanuel. Today we learn about the birth of Jesus, who fulfills all the characteristics of the ideal King described by Isaiah. It is time to center our lives around Christ, who arrives finally not as a warrior king, but as a fragile baby, born poor and helpless. Each weekly lesson includes an Introduction; three Scripture readings; Points to Ponder, Tying It All Together; Catechism Connections; Rome to Home; Study Questions; Voices of the Saints; and ends with Questions for Reflection. "Suggested Responses" are located in the back of the Guide. The season of Advent begins the Church liturgical year. It is a time when the Church asks us to stop what we are doing and reassess where we are spiritually. Through the Advent Liturgy, and especially the Advent readings, the Church invites us to examine the path we are on, to perhaps redirect our focus: if our lives are not Christ centered, now is the time to get back on track. While this study will follow the Catholic Scripture Study format, it will be a little different, because we are going to look at the Advent Sunday lectionary readings instead of a particular book. To prepare for the session, you are encouraged to use the ancient method of Lectio Divina.
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