Title: BOOK OF ROMANS, THE - DISC 2 OF 7 - LESSONS 5 TO 8 (Includes DV 2040 to DV 2046)
The epistle to the Romans has had a greater influence on Christian theology than any other writing by Paul. Thus, Romans is the fruit of some of Paul's deepest thought, prayer, experience, faith, hope and love. It is not always an easy letter to comprehend. Paul's vision, while always rooted in practical concerns and the reality of everyday living, is cosmic and grand, a passionate portrayal of salvation history, Chris's saving work, and the transforming gift of the Holy Spirit. Disc 2 includes Lesson 5: The Verdict and the Hope (Rom 3:21-31); Lesson 6: Our Father Abraham (Rom 4:1-15), Lesson 7: Faith, Hope and Love (Rom 5:1-11); and Lesson 8: Death in Adam, Life in Christ (Rom 5:12-21). Class format of 90 minutes includes Opening for prayer and announcements (15 minutes); Discussion Group of 10-12 minutes discusses the study questions for the weekly lesson. Participants are expected to have read the lesson material and answered the study questions prior to class each week; and Lecture in which all participants gather to watch a DVD lecture based on the lesson. Program lectures are designed to guide participants to a deeper understanding of the Scripture they studied in that lesson (30 minutes). The Book of Romans program, presented by Fr. Patrick Winslow, is 25 weeks long. The Study Binder is a three-ring binder containing the written lessons. Each weekly lesson consists of reprinted biblical text, commentary, Study Questions, Reflection Q estions, Voices of the Saints, Catechism Connections, Rome to Home magisterial quotes, a summary of the lesson and Suggested Responses. After registration, the program leader should purchase a Study Binder for each participant and can be purchased from Catholic Scripture Study International at 1-877-228-7830 or www.CSSProgram.net at a cost of about $34.95. This program includes one Study Binder and one set of seven DVDs. 120 minutes. Themes: Bible New Testament, Book of Romans; Catholic Scripture Study International Materials
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Length: 120 Min.
Publisher: Catholic Scripture Study Internatio
Level: A

Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult