This bundle is meant for parishes and groups. It can provide the nourishment for group leaders such as catechists and DREs. It includes the videos on DVD as well as a Journal. God created you for a reason. He has a plan for your life. He has a dream for you and for me. But what is God’s plan? What is our purpose? And how do we live this out? One of the greatest sufferings in life comes from feeling like we do not have a purpose. But we do not have to feel this way! Pursuit of Purpose offers a clear explanation of God’s purpose for our lives and provides practical tools on how to live this out. Each video in this 6-session series delves into a key aspect of the faith, revealing why it is vital to growing in our purpose. Session titles include: Session 1: The Purpose of Life; Session 2: The Worthy Goal; Session 3: A Life-giving Choice; Session 4: Finding Freedom; Session 5: Prayer; and Session 6: Five Blessings of the Eucharist. You are then encouraged to apply the videos to your everyday life by completing the Daily Action and Weekly Challenge. Pursuit of Purpose is more than an informational reflection on the Catholic Faith. Through intentional reflection and accepting the practical real-life challenges, you will be inspired to a greater purpose and prepared to experience a personal, spiritual transformation. The Pursuit Journal is a practical resource that enhances the overall experience and life-changing potential of the Pursuit of Purpose retreat program. This journal helps you put into action the concepts covered in each video, making it essential for transforming your everyday spiritual life. The Pursuit Journal includes: Reflection Questions - These questions guide you to take the concepts from each video a step further and to apply them to your own life. Space is provided for journaling your thoughts and reactions. If you are doing Pursuit of Purpose with a group, these questions are a fruitful guide for group discussion. Daily Actions - Description of the activity found in each video session to be done each day during the following week. Weekly Challenges - Description of the activity found in each video session to be accomplished before viewing the next week’s video session. The journal includes the necessary resources for applicable challenges. Vital Points - A list of the Vital Points from each video session for your reference. Recommended Reading - For further reflection, you can read the short chapters from Ken Yasinski book The Fullness of Purpose associated with each video session. Themes: Retreat, Faith. Outside Da Box Production
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Grade Levels: EC=Early Childhood; P=Primary; I=Intermediate; JH=Junior High; SH=Senior High; A=Adult