Part of God’s story is how God has given us armor to protect us from all of the attacks from the Devil. God has given us armor to defend ourselves against the Devil. He gave us the Belt of truth to protect us from Satan’s lies and to remember how much God always loves us. We also get a Breastplate of Righteousness to help us to always make right choices. God also covers our feet with Good News Boots so we can go tell people how much God loves us. We also get a shield and a sword. Our Shield of faith is to block the Devil’s lies when he says God doesn’t love us. Our Sword of the Spirit is the word of God or the Bible that tells us about God. Finally, we get a Helmet of Salvation to help us remember that Jesus rescued us. God loves us and helps us stand strong against Satan. 3:44 minutes. Themes: Grace, God’s Story Series
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Length: 3:44
Level: P-I

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