Part of God’s story is about Noah. God made a beautiful world with good people. But people began to run away from God and that made God very sad. God was so sad that God decided to wash away all evil in a huge flood. Now there was a good man named Noah and God had a special rescue plan for Noah. God told Noah to build a big boat called an ark to stay in during the flood. The ark had to be big enough to hold Noah’s family and two of every kind of animal. After his family and the animals were on the boat it rained for forty days and forty nights. After a year of being in the boat dry land appears and the first thing Noah did on the land was to build an altar to worship and thank God. God then made a covenant or an agreement with Noah in which God promised never to destroy the earth with a flood. God then placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign that he would keep his promise. And just like God saved Noah, he would later send his own perfect son to save all people. 3:51 minutes. Themes: Noah, God’s Story Series, Flood
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