Part of God’s story is how he prepared us for Jesus. In the beginning God prepared a perfect garden and a perfect family - Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve didn’t trust God and they disobeyed him. Now everyone would have to die; separating us forever. This made God very sad. God knew he could save his people through Jesus. Jesus was a really big deal so we had to prepare for him. The first man was Abraham who became the Father of God’s special family. God gave Abraham a special son named Isaac to start this. Abraham would sacrifice a lamb for when he did something bad. One day God asked that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac for his sin. Abraham trusted in God and was going to do what he asked even though this would mean that there would now be no giant family that God had promised. God then allowed Abraham to sacrifice a ram in place of his son. Now over the years. Abraham’s family - God’s family - got huge. God’s family, the Israelites were slaves to a man named Pharaoh. God made a plan that all the oldest sons in Egypt would die but the first sons of the Israelites would be saved as death passed over those sons. So for a long long time God’s family - the Israelites would sacrifice a lamb for their sins. Then, at last, Jesus the rescuer came to save his people. Jesus rescued us by dying on the cross. But Jesus rose from the dead and returned to heaven. 3:58 minutes. Themes: Jesus, God’s Story Series
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