The Catholic Truth About Halloween: A brief overview about the Christian and secular roots of Halloween in America and Europe, and contemporary culture's distortion of the popular holiday's history. Although Halloween customs in pop-culture are not a part of the Church's official liturgical observance (some aspects have little to do with Christianity today), many of the more innocuous customs do stem from Christian folk celebrations inaugurating the feast of Hallowmas, a solemnity which, contrary to some revisionist and secular histories, has no connection to the ancient yet much exaggerated pagan observance of Samhain. It is common for Neo-pagans to claim that all Catholic feast days and Christian festivities of the year, including Christmas and Easter, evolved from older pagan customs, and these false attributions were catalyzed and continue to be exacerbated by fundamentalist Christians who believe the post-Reformation myth that Catholic liturgy is an unbiblical offspring of pagan rites, an attempt to snuff out non-Christian customs by co-opting them and creating a syncretic, impure religion contrary to "Biblical" Christianity. The three days of All hallow tide, with their legitimate Christian commemoration of faithful departed made holy by God, is easiest to target with charges of causality from paganism because such themes as death and honor to the deceased are found universally in all ancient cultures. Find out more about the non-sequitur, post hoc, and ad hominem tactics that led to the truncating of Hallowtide in non-Catholic Western calendars. Published on Oct 31, 2014. 13:08 minutes. Themes: Halloween, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, Saints
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