CATHOLIC PRODUCTIONS- DR. BRANT PITRE: THE RICH YOUNG MAN & THE DIVINTY OF JESUS (THE MASS READINGS EXPLAINED INTRO The Rich Young Man & the Divinity of Jesus (The Mass Readings Explained Intro) For the Mass Readings on the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B), Dr. Pitre discusses the famous conversation Jesus has with the Rich Young Man, the dangers of wealth to the spiritual life, and what Jesus says one must do to inherit eternal life. Dr. Pitre also covers how Mark 10 is often used by some scholars and those throughout the history of the Church to deny the divinity of Jesus. But, as Dr. Pitre will show, while at first glance this could possibly be a proper interpretation, it can only be possible (though even then, still not necessary) if you only read the first half of the narrative and ignore the second half. Dr. Pitre also discusses the importance of the pursuit of wisdom as opposed to that of riches, as the Church lays before us the Old Testament reading from Wisdom 7. Do we simply ask for material blessings and should we be seeking wisdom over and above all material gifts? Notable Quote from this Week's Video: "I just pause on that for just a second because sometimes Catholics are accused of being unbiblical because of our focus on keeping the Commandments. Sometimes Catholics are accused of teaching a “works righteousness” religion that earns our way into heaven because we insist on keeping the Commandments. And, the reality of the fact is that the authentic Catholic faith's emphasis on obedience to the Commandments is something that flows straight out of the teaching of Christ himself. When asked what he needed to do to inherit eternal life, Jesus told the young man, “Keep the commandments.” This is an essential part of what it means to be a disciple; and, it’s an essential part of entering the kingdom of heaven. Now, it doesn’t encompass everything — we’re going to see that in just a minute — but it is an essential component." Published on Oct 9, 2018. 06:32 minutes. Themes: Catholic Productions – Dr. Brant Pitre series, Parable of the Rich Young Man, Divinity
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