CATHOLIC PRODUCTIONS: DR. BRANT PITRE: THE ASCENSION The Ascension How relevant is the Ascension of Jesus, and why is it so important? In this week's video series from The Mass Readings Explained, Dr. Pitre covers the readings from this upcoming Sunday's readings, which revolve around the Ascension. In the full length video for this week, Dr. Pitre will discuss the priestly dimension of Jesus' ascension into heaven and how Jesus is a new Aaron. Additionally, Dr. Pitre will cover both of Luke's accounts of the Ascension in his Gospel as well as in the Acts of the Apostles. In it, Dr. Pitre will discuss things such as: • What does the 40 days since Easter Sunday signify for the Ascension? • Why was Jesus lifted up in a "cloud"? • What did "heaven" mean in a first century Jewish setting? • What does the Ascension tell us about Jesus' return? Finally, in addition to the Responsorial Psalm for this week's Mass Readings, Dr. Pitre will also discuss Jesus' Ascension into the heavenly temple as described in the Book of Hebrews and how that fact is the link to explain the mystery of making present the once-for-all sacrifice at each and every Mass across the world until the return of Christ. Notable Quote: "Why does that matter? Well, it matters because apart from that you can’t understand how the Ascension is the climax of the Paschal mystery. Many of us, when we think of Jesus offering sacrifice, we think just of Calvary, where he pours out his blood and his life on the cross. And to be sure, that is the supreme sacrifice. And we might also think of the Last Supper, in which he pours out his body and blood under the appearance of bread and wine. And that too is an essential part of the Paschal mystery. But what we tend to forget is that that earthly sacrifice that Jesus starts in the upper room and brings to a climax on Calvary, doesn’t stop with Calvary. But that in his resurrection from the dead and then his ascension into Heaven, Jesus takes his body, which is now crucified and risen (but still has the wounds), and he brings that human nature, that human body, that glorified body, into the heavenly sanctuary where he offers himself as a sacrifice to the Father, not in time, but in eternity; not on earth, but in Heaven." Learn more about the Mass Readings here: https://catholicproductions.com/pages... Find more Bible studies by Dr. Pitre here: https://catholicproductions.com/colle... Published on May 27, 2019. 06:45 minutes. Themes: Catholic Productions: Dr. Brant Pite, Ascension of the Lord
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