BARRON, BISHOP ROBERT: LETTER TO A SUFFERING CHURCH: CHAPTER 2: LIGHT FROM SCRIPTURE Letter to a Suffering Church: Chapter 2.: Light From Scripture. In this short Question and Answer video, Bishop Barron answers the following questions. The notes below provide only a few topics covered. The entire video must be seen. 1. What does the Bible teach us about the sex abuse scandal? Bishop Barron looks at the scandal from the Word of God from the perspective of Divine Revelation. The Bible is the best way to start. The First Book of Samuel tells of the High Priest Eli whose two sons, also priests, are abusing the people financially and sexually. The result is death to Eli and his sons, and disaster to the people as they are defeated by the Philistines, including the loss of the Ark of the Covenant. 2. What are some examples in the Bible of sexual abuse? Two stories come to mind that have special relevance for our times. The first is the story of Eli the high priest of Shiloh at that time and his two sons who were also priests but were abusing the people both financially and sexually. The people came forward and complained to Elijah about it, so he talks to his sons about it. But then it was never mentioned or anything done again. They continue to abuse the people, but Elijah does not act. What happens as a result is a disaster for Israel. For me, this is a very interesting distant mirror of our times. As you hear that story, it seems that it is out of the headlines of today’s paper. So, in the battle with the Philistines, they have an enormous loss of their army, and then they bring out the Ark of the Covenant, the greatest sign of the Lord’s presence. They bring the Ark of the Covenant into battle where they not only lose the battle but also lose the Ark of the Covenant. This story is interestingly illuminating for our times. Think about how Israel is handed over to its enemies. You have a High Priest, a high religious figure, who is told about priests who are continuing to abuse people, who does nothing. People of high level of responsibility in the Church, who heard about people being abused by priests who essentially said nothing. Ands the abuse continues. When the abuse continues, it leads to disaster in the Church. Think about how Israel is handed over to its enemies, I remember back in the 2000s, how people would say the newspapers were picking on the Church. It was almost biblical how God handed the Church over to its enemies, precisely for the purpose of punishing the Church and ultimately to purify the Church. So that’s the biblical message. There is also the story in Second Book of Samuel of David and Bathsheba. … 3. What does Jesus say about the treatment of children? - Much of this comes to its fullest expression in the New Testament in Jesus’ attitude toward children, during a time when children were non-entities in the social setting. The disciples ask Jesus ‘who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?’ Jesus embraces a child and says that “unless you become as this child, you will not enter the Kingdom” There is also a sharp warning about those who would cause one of these little ones to stumble. . ..and shows the importance of protecting the child. 4. How is this scandal an affront to God’s intention for human sexuality? - It is important to look to the Bible as something very positive. The Bible celebrates it as part of the covenant – ‘Be Fruitful and multiply’. The life-giving part of human sexuality. But the Bible is very alive to the part that when sexuality is taken out of the context of love which means doing the will of the other, it then becomes often used for my own aggrandizement, one’s own pleasure. It becomes a means of manipulating the other and dominating the other. Produced: July, 2019. 4:51 minutes. Themes: Barron, Bishop Robert – Part 2 (Published On or After January 1, 2019) 2, Barron, Bishop: Letter to a Suffering Church (Chapters 1-5)
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