BARRON, BISHOP ROBERT: LETTER TO A SUFFERING CHURCH: CHAPTER 5: THE WAY FORWARD Letter to a Suffering Church: Chapter 5: The Way Forward. In this short Question and Answer video, Bishop Barron answers the following questions. This NEW video from Bishop Barron focuses on an important question about the sexual abuse crisis: What's the way forward? According to Bishop Barron, we need three things. First, we need institutional reforms, building upon the changes put in place in 2002, which have reduced cases of sexual abuse down to a trickle. Second, we need a deep and abiding spiritual reform, beginning with the priesthood but including lay men and women. Third, we need movement of renewal and reform—new orders, new groups, and new works of the Spirit. As Bishop Barron concludes, "I know many Catholics are sorely tempted to just give up on the Church, to join another religious group, or perhaps to become one of the religiously unaffiliated. But this is not the time to leave; it is the time to stay and fight." 1. What steps has the Church taken to address these Scandals? The Church has taken some very important steps to take care of this crisis and has been very successful. In 2002, when the crisis broke in the U.S. the bishops gathered in Dallas and put together the “Dallas Charter” It has put together massive reforms that have been very useful in addressing this problem including background check, screening seminarians, the immediate reporting of accusations, and practical protocols that have reduced cases to a trickle. 2. Does the priesthood need a spiritual reformation in response to clericalism?\ Yes, to institutional reform. Pope Francis sees a real need for spiritual renewal for the priesthood. Who can deny that there has been something like a rot in the priesthood and the Episcopacy over the past decades. Even one priest is too many, but so many priests have felt that it must be okay to engage in this sort of behavior and so many bishops looked the other way and didn’t take action. Institutional reform? Yes, But also a spiritual renewal. In the remarkable sense of the great saints like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Dominic, St. Ignatius of Loyola. A real dedication to the priesthood as a life utterly devoted to Christ. The priests speak and act as the presence of Jesus. Produced: July, 2019. 4:51 minutes. Themes: Barron, Bishop Robert – Part 2 (Published On or After January 1, 2019), Barron, Bishop: Letter to a Suffering Church (Chapters 1-5)
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