CATHOLIC PRODUCTIONS: DR. BRANT PITRE: PETER, DO YOU LOVE ME?Peter, Do You Love Me? Peter, during Jesus' Passion, denied Jesus before a charcoal fire. It is no coincidence that Jesus sets before Peter, after Jesus' resurrection, another charcoal fire and offers Peter a threefold opportunity to re-commit his love for Jesus. However, is that all that is going on here? More than just asking if Peter loves him, Jesus is asking if Peter loves him "more than these." Jesus is positioning Peter in a place of primacy above his apostles and asks Peter to become the shepherd over his flock when he leaves to return to the Father. Notable Quote: "Now, the reason that is so crucial here in the context of John’s overall gospel is that in John 10, Jesus reveals that he himself is the Good Shepherd. And he even says there will be one flock and one shepherd. And then he turns around (after his resurrection) and makes Peter the shepherd of the flock. So, which is it? Is Jesus the shepherd or is Peter the shepherd? And the answer is both. Jesus is of course the Divine Shepherd, the Supreme Shepherd; we’re going to see that when we look at Jesus’ own words on Good Shepherd Sunday, but Peter is established as the earthly shepherd over the flock of Jesus’ disciples, and that includes (very importantly) the other twelve." Learn more about the Mass Readings Explained here: https://catholicproductions.com/pages... Published on Apr 29, 2019. 03:07 minutes. Themes: Catholic Productions: Dr. Brant Pitre, Saint Peter Become Pope – First Earthly Shepherd
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