CATHOLIC PRODUCTIONS: Dr. BRANT PITRE: THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I The Father is Greater than I Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John chapter 14: "The Father is Greater than I." This may be a confusing statement, especially in the Gospel of John, since in no other Gospel, it can be argued, does is Jesus divine nature made more clearly. So, the questions becomes what does Jesus mean in the context of the entire Gospel of John, and what does he mean in the immediate context of this verse? Listen as Dr. Pitre explains in this video, which is a portion of a video taken from his series, The Mass Readings Explained. Notable Quote: "And so, what do we say as Catholics to that? How do we interpret the verse? Well the answer to that’s real simple. We just ignore it. We don’t talk about it. We don’t preach about it. We just pretend like it’s not there. No, okay, that’s wrong. That’s not what we do. The Church canonized the scriptures. This is not a surprise to us, that Jesus says, “The Father is greater than I” in the Gospel of John. The Church gave us the Gospel of John and said this is the word of God. So the question becomes not “what do we do with the verse?” (in the sense of, “do we take it out of the Bible” or “do we ignore it”), the question becomes, “what does it mean? How do we understand this verse in context (in the context of the whole gospel).” And I’m going to come back to the living tradition in just a second, and we’ll look at how this verse was interpreted by St. Augustine, but for now I would just make this one clear point..." Published on May 20, 2019. 09:31 minutes. Themes: Catholic Productions: Dr. Brant Pitre, “The Father is Greater than I” -John 14
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